The history of Billion Trees of Aloha began with Ms. Ariyoshi, the wife of retired Hawaii Governor George Ariyoshi. Ms. Ariyoshi set and achieved her One Million Trees of Aloha goal, which was then followed up by another successful run in 2008 organized by retired Hawaii State Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland. Inspired by the achievements and resolve of Hawaii’s youth, Sen. Oakland drew her 26 years of dedicated service in state legislature and her passion for youth empowerment to bring about Billion Trees of Aloha. As a collaborative effort, Sen. Susie introduced Billion Trees of Aloha to youth delegates around the world and forged a partnership with to track participant progress and measure ecological impacts. For the first time, progress can be viewed on a Worldwide Tree-map updated in real-time on In addition to the planting of trees, Billion Trees of Aloha would not be complete without “Aloha.” Most are familiar with the word Aloha as a warm greeting, but many are unaware that Aloha holds a far deeper meaning. When broken down to its root words in Hawaiian, Aloha reveals virtues as a way of life – Alo (sharing), oha (joy), ha (life). The spirit of Aloha is shared with every tree planted and stands as a lasting reminder that great accomplishments can be achieved when we work together.

Billion Trees of Aloha is one of four featured projects of Lemonade Alley for Earth Day (view blog). Billion Trees of Aloha is a worldwide project based on three components. One – to encourage participants from across the globe to plant native, food-bearing, or other desirable trees in a collaborative effort to restore the health of our planet. Two – to empower youth delegates, organizations and individuals throughout the world to innovate new and creative ideas to improve our planets ecology. And three – to demonstrate that the power of individuals if organized collectively, can make a significant difference in the world. Billion Trees of Aloha was designed to empower our youth by instilling the idea that if each person were to plant a tree at the same moment, the goal of planting a billion trees would be fulfilled. Learn more about Billion Trees of Aloha and how you can join, Billion Trees of Aloha »

To track our progress, hosts a Worldwide Tree-map with features to highlight the location of each planted tree, the tree planters name, the sponsor of the tree (if applicable) and additional tree identifier information. Visitors of can witness the collaborative effort of empowered youth unfolding before their eyes as the planting of trees updates on the map in real-time. In order to coordinate the information from participants around the globe, all Billion Trees of Aloha participants are equipped with – an online innovation-based learning platform. enables participants to select the Billion Trees of Aloha project to guide them through fulfillment of the project, provide mentor assistance, create a multi-collaborative workspace for team planning and facilitate real-time data tracking to gather the required information for each planted tree to be displayed on the Worldwide Tree-map.

Eco-Opps is a division of Bizgenics Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Honolulu, Hawaii. We welcome organizations that share the vision of Eco-Opps to partner with us in healing our planet and empowering our youth. With the help of our valued partners, we can achieve the billion tree goal. To inquire about a partnership or find out how you can help, Contact Us »