Billion Trees of Aloha

Join a global community of people planting trees. See also Hawaii’s Project Lemon Tree that’s part of BTA. All plantings recorded at BizzyB.

Ready, Set, Plant!

Billion Trees of Aloha is a global project to plant food-bearing, native and other desirable trees. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to create projects and businesses that improve our planet’s ecology through tree plantings. Billion Trees of Aloha is being tracked as a Worldwide Tree Map through the BizzyB innovation platform.

1. Join The Challenge

Open a free account at BizzyB and join the BTA Challenge.

2. Plant a Tree

Add an optional BizzyB Project to learn best practices or get right to planting.

3. Record Locations

Log tree locations on your BizzyB Challenge account to add your trees to the BTA World Tree Map.

Meaning of Aloha

Aloha” is commonly used as a greeting or farewell, with a literal meaning of sharing the joy of life.

Root Word Meaning
Alo Sharing / In the present
oha Joyous affection, joy
ha Life energy, breath, life

Billion Trees of Aloha is dedicated to improving world ecology, economic prosperity, and communal cooperation.

Why A Billion Trees?


Trees are the best way to sequester carbon dioxide. Two typical trees provides oxygen for one person for a year.


One square kilometer of trees can house more than 1,000 species. 5 million+ species depend on forests for survival.


100 million trees can save $2 billion annually in energy costs. One shade tree equates to 10 air-conditioners operating 20 hrs/day.


A tree can filter 36,500 gal/year of H2O & absorb 100 gal/day. Trees also reduce erosion & stormwater runoff.


Trees can provide economic opportunties through food and medicinal products.