Lemonade Alley for Earth Day is a worldwide challenge for youth entrepreneurs grades K-12 to learn entrepreneurship, eco-stewardship & charitable giving through ecological ventures.

The producer of the Earth Day Challenge is Bizgenics Foundation, a Honolulu-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. To join the challenge, participants register as individuals or teams at BizzyB.com – an online innovation-based learning platform; registration begins on March 1, 2018. Although we recommend teams of 4-5 participants, teams are not required. To embark on your entrepreneurial journey, participants must select an Earth Day project to complete anywhere, at anytime between March 1st. – April 21, 2018. Participants will then access the innovation library on BizzyB.com to choose one of the featured eco-projects designed for the Earth Day challenge or select the option to use our universal template to create your own business project. All participating teams and individuals will have the option to find a mentor or request for a mentor to be provided. Mentors are available to provide personal experience and knowledge by offering professional advice. If participants choose to find their own mentor, mentors such as parents or educators must open an account on BizzyB.com and complete a questionnaire to determine if the chosen mentor is the right fit for the participating team/individual.

Throughout the completion of each project. BizzyB.com facilitates real-time data tracking to aggregate the ecological impacts of participants from around the world. The aggregated metrics will reflect the 3P framework of People – number of people impacted, Planet – CO2 reduced and Philanthropy – money raised for charities. All project will be directed to submit their results on April 21st. by the deadline at 12 noon HST to become eligible to win prizes. At that time, the final ecological impact results are aggregated and will be displayed on the EcoOpps.com website and announced at the Earth Day Celebration held in Hawaii from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 21. In addition to the celebration, attending participants of BizzyB.com will have the option to sell their item/service at the event by registering for a booth. Non-Hawaii residents are welcome to attend. Learn more about Lemonade Alley for Earth Day or let us know if you have questions, Contact Us »

Featured Earth Day Challenge projects include:

Lemonade Alley: Food & beverage ventures comprised of building food stands from recycled materials, inventing winning recipes and selling to support student-designated charities.

Billion Trees of Aloha: Plant native, food-bearing, or other desirable trees and develop innovative ventures to reach the billion tree goal. To learn more about this project view our blog, Billion Trees of Aloha »

Cardboard Carnival: Arcade game ventures built from recycled materials.

Custom Business: Create a new ecological venture to restore the health of our planet.