Bizgenics Foundation, a Honolulu-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recently launched its newest division named Eco-Opps. Complete with a website, provides ecological-opportunities for our next generation of leaders to heal our planet through the collaborative efforts of eco-stewardship and to challenge our youth to innovate new ideas through ecological ventures. Each year, Eco-Opps hosts a new project to direct the attention of our participants to an issue affecting our planet. The annual projects are chosen with immense consideration in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to reflect Eco-Opps vision of championing ecological ventures to make a better world.

The vision of Eco-Opps dovetails with Bizgenics Foundation’s mission – to empower the disadvantaged, particularly low-income and disenfranchised youth to achieve positive legacy through business. In order to facilitate the innovative process of all Eco-Opps participants and gather metrics to determine the ecological impacts of our projects. All participants are equipped with – an online innovation-based learning platform. enables participants to select Eco-Opps projects such as Billion Trees of Aloha (view blog) to guide participants through fulfillment of the project, provide mentor assistance, create a multi-collaborative workspace for team planning and facilitate real-time data tracking to aggregate the ecological impacts of participants from around the world. To participate in Eco-Opps projects and our Lemonade Alley for Earth Day Challenge (view blog), participants may register on to create a student account and begin their entrepreneurial journey!

This is an exciting opportunity for all. In our pursuit to develop youth leaders, we welcome organizations that share our mission to partner with us in healing our planet and empowering our youth. We look forward to you hearing from you, Contact Us »